Chef Marie Poulin

Chef Marie Poulin

Hi, I’m Marie Poulin, and I was raised in Quebec. My accent is French, my second language is English, and my first love is cooking. Over 20 years ago I moved to Florida, but the French accent is still evident in my language and in my cooking.

My every childhood memory seems to revolve around delicious food, as my family owned a restaurant for about 40 years. I was exposed to amazing food at a young age, with a longstanding tradition of fresh, home-cooked food created daily at our restaurant. I spent weekends and summers working in the family business, and when I grew up I became a professional social worker.

I know. It doesn’t make sense now to me either, since cooking is in my blood.

My grandfather was a baker.

I own hundreds of cookbooks and read them over and over like a favorite novel.

I’m also an artist, and even showed some of my watercolors in a gallery. But then I returned to my first love, and over ten years ago I started a personal chef business. Now I cook for clients almost every day. You can read more about that at www.SarasotaPersonalChef.com. As a personal chef, I have tested and created a great quantity of recipes, and now I love sharing them with you. CitronLimette is the perfect place to combine my passions—cooking and art.

When it comes to my recipes, you’ll discover that I have a thing for color, texture, and vegetables. I once worked as a raw food chef at a local restaurant, and that experience sometimes influences my recipes. Back then I even learned to sprout and dehydrate raw food.

This site is a casual, fun place to share these recipes. Blogging here is one of the most fulfilling, exciting things that I do. I get to interact with readers from all over the world, sharing stories and comments. I hope to inspire you to be your own personal chef at home, and add a CitronLimette French accent to your menu.

So enjoy these recipes, and please come back and share your comments. I’d love to hear from you.