Mostbet aviator game

Every user from Uzbekistan can start playing a unique Live Instant Game — Mostbet Aviator. This is a game where everything depends not only on luck, but also on the player, his patience and attention. However, in keeping with the spirit of the casino, it is considered an unpredictable and fun game for anyone with a gambling sense. The game is currently listed in many casinos, namely Mostbet, Pin Up, 1win, 1xbet, and others.

Here you can read about the Aviator game overview, how to start playing and tips on how to win it.

About Spribe Aviator at Mostbet

The Aviator game was originally a simple casino game in the "Instant" genre. However, it has become a classic game loved by millions of players around the world.

The essence of the game is that the plane rises to the playing field, and with it the coefficients on the game screen constantly increase during the flight.

Before the flight begins, players place bets and watch the odds increase, with the option to cash out their winnings at any time. However, if the player fails to do so in time and the plane crashes, the bet is lost. It is important to remember that the plane can crash at any time, even at the start, and it cannot be counted.

Each round is played in LIVE mode, where you can see the statistics of previous flights and the bets of other Mostbet players.

Start playing aviator game online

It is very easy to start playing aviator game and here is a little step by step guide for you:

  1. Open the official website or download the Mostbet app;
  2. Register a personal account by email or phone number;
  3. Transfer money to your account;
  4. Go to the "Aviator" section and select the desired slot;
  5. Decide on your bet and click the "Bet" button;
  6. Wait for a good time and the odds will go up and take the win!

Your winnings will appear in your Mostbet balance as soon as you cash out.

Deposit Options for Aviator Mostbet

Before you can start playing Aviator for real money, you must first deposit it into your account. You can also find Uzbek UZS on the official website of Mostbet, there are many payment methods for transactions:

  • through Uzbek bank cards: UzCard and Humo money systems - the minimum amount is 10,000 UZS;
  • International bank cards, including bank cards produced in Uzbekistan: Visa and Mastercard international money systems - the minimum amount is 60,000 UZS;
  • MIR Russian and International card, including bank cards produced in Uzbekistan: MIR - the minimum amount is 60,000 UZS.
  • Bitcoin - the minimum amount is 275,000 UZS;
  • Tether - the minimum amount is 110,000 UZS;
  • Ethereum - minimum amount 550 00 UZS;
  • Ripple - the minimum amount is 140,000 UZS;
  • Litecoin - the minimum amount is 60,000 UZS;
  • BitcoinCash - the minimum amount is 60,000 UZS;
  • Binance cryptocurrency wallet - minimum amount 80,000 UZS;
  • Dogecoin - the minimum amount is 90,000 UZS;
  • Z Cash - the minimum amount is 180,000 UZS.

The minimum deposit amount is 60,000 UZS, and the money appears in the player's balance as soon as he confirms the money transaction. When this happens, you can start your game with real funds.

How to deposit into the Aviator

slot It doesn't take long to add money to your Mostbet balance. All you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your account with your username and password;
  2. Click the deposit button;
  3. Choose the method that is convenient for you, enter the amount and press the confirm button;
  4. Confirm the operation on the page of the payment system.
  5. Now everything is ready, in your balance and ready to use.

Demo version of the Aviator game

If you want to get an idea of ​​the Aviator game at Mostbet and understand how it works without spending money, you can enter the demo mode by clicking the "Demo Mode" button.

You can watch other players bet, see how the plane flies, see how the playing field works and get a complete understanding of how to win this game. In this way, you use virtual money without putting yourself at risk.

Aviator Game Rules

The idea is that in LIVE mode, an airplane is flown onto the playing field. The longer it flies, the more likely it is to be seen on the screen.

So before the round starts, you have two bets for different amounts. This is so that you can cash out one of them early and the other later when the odds are higher.

Accordingly, the main task of the player is to press the cash button while the plane is flying and the bets are increasing, and find time to collect your winnings, because if the plane crashes, your bet will be lost.

That is, the plane can crash at absolutely any time, even at the beginning of the flight, which makes the game even more unpredictable.

But if you're lucky and patient, the odds can go up for a very, very long time and bring you a big win. It is important to remember that the Aviator game is a crash game.

Aviator Game Algorithm

Many users try to figure out how the game Aviator Uzbekistan works, and there are many different tactics on the Internet about how to win this game. However, in reality, according to the developer, there can be no strategy in Aviator and it all depends on the player and the luck factor.

The fact is that the plane can crash at absolutely any chance, and the odds are generated randomly during the flight, not before the round begins.

In other words, it is impossible to accurately calculate when the plane will crash. So there are no Spribe aviator game tricks that guarantee a win.

Download Mostbet casino Aviator game app

If you download and install the Aviator game apk on your smartphone, you can play anytime and win real money. The interface is also very user-friendly and everything works without delay, including the transfer button.

To install the application, you need the following:

  1. Go to the Mostbet casino site from any browser on a mobile device;
  2. Go to Applications;
  3. Select your gadget's operating system, then download and install the app.

You will now see the Mostbet logo icon in the menu of your smartphone. Once you're signed in to the app, you'll be able to log in to your account with your email or phone number and start playing Aviator.

Best Aviator Game Tips

There are no guaranteed winning Aviator game signals, but many players have developed very successful strategies that allow them to win well at this game.

Here are the most popular Aviator game tricks that can bring you a win: Until

  • you understand how the game works, it is better to aim for small multipliers and win at 1.2 - 1.4x multiplier, because going to 5x multiplier is too risky;
  • You can start with a small bet size, then gradually increase it until you win and come out in the black, but there is a risk of losing everything because of one bad bet;
  • In either case, track the history of the odds, if you believe in the question of probability, it is very unlikely that you will hit very large odds twice in a row.

Remember that luck is the main factor in winning at Aviator as in any other casino game, but it also depends on your choice.

Spribe Aviator Betting Game

The Aviator online game consists of a playing field with an airplane and two betting fields. The game has a number of features and advantages that make it fun to play:

  • All tours and airplane flights are performed in Live mode and the odds are the same for all players;
  • You can see very detailed statistics about how high the odds were in previous games;
  • You can place two bets of the same or different sizes at the same time. You can get them at different times, for example one win at 2x odds and another at 5x odds;
  • You can see other players' bets, so you can choose the same strategy as the best player or see how good your winning percentage is.